Sunday, November 20, 2016

Pardon Our Dust ... A Blog Re-Newed

On May 30, 2011 (three or so years into our practice of this path), Glaux posted this blog's first post
-- "Everything Old is New Again." We published hot and heavy in the first 12 months of the blog's existence, striving to share what we had come to experience of the American Folkloric Witchcraft tradition in a way that coincided with the Wheel of the Year. We both maintained long to-do lists of articles to write and topics to explore, and we talked almost daily about witchcraft and this path. Glaux posted a lot of articles on my behalf -- things I had written as part of the foundational materials to our work, blog articles for my other blogs that were applicable to this work. It was messy, but it didn't matter. We loved each other, and it didn't matter who posted what.

We wrote almost all of the articles in the first 18 months of the blogs existence, and then we turned our attention inward. We had more work to do -- with our coven, with the festival grounds (Camp Midian) of which we were/are founders and part owners, and with our relationship. Glaux and I got married on June 25, 2014 -- the day same-sex marriage became legal in Indiana.

It's not my intention to share too much about our relationship. We've both been open online about the love we have always had for each other, and we've also both been upfront about our struggles (together and independently) with mood disorders. Within a year of our wedding, Glaux and I were separated, mainly in an effort to find healthier ways of managing these disorders. We divorced shortly thereafter, and Glaux returned to exploring some other paths of magick and occultism (that we both share in common) while I continued to focus my efforts on American Folkloric Witchcraft with the help of the coven we founded -- Coven Caer Sidhe.

Very recently (Samhain of 2016, in fact), Glaux and I sat down and discussed the current state of the AFW trad (as we know it, through those we have personally initiated), and we are committed to maintaining a working partnership, moving forward in parallel (or at least complementary) ways within the Trad, and sharing more of our collective insight through this blog.

In an effort to sort through the blog and properly assign authorship to the pieces that are here, I'll be deleting some posts and re-posting them in my name. Glaux's original work will remain in her name. And new material is going to be added, as the covens (yes, we have at least three working covens now) continue to explore American folk magick. We're also inviting some of our well-studied members to post as authors to this blog.

It may get a little messy around here for the next couple of months while the dust settles, and you may see some posts that you've seen before, if you're an avid follower of the blog. We trust that you'll get what you need, and we encourage comments, questions, and feedback all along the way.

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