Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Archived Here ... but the Work Continues

This beloved and useful blog has been stale for some time. There hasn't been truly fresh content here since 2015 or so -- about the time Natalie/Glaux and I (Laurelei) divorced. Most of the posts since then have been corrections of attribution, revisions of problematic pieces, and only the occasional new addition to the body of knowledge we started together. 

I explained on our "About" page that we were archiving this blog, but I'm not sure how many folks check that out. With the launch of my YouTube channel in May 2020, this blog, this work is getting more visibility again, and I don't want it to seem ... forsaken. It hasn't been, exactly. 

More accurately, perhaps, the WORK continues, but this particular blog needed to come to a close. It had been a collaboration between two life-mates who couldn't share a life -- or magical space (or even cyber space) -- any longer. However, each in our way, we have continued forward with the work of the Spiral Castle Tradition.

Right, "Spiral Castle Tradition" is what we called ourselves, our Trad. "American Folkloric Witchcraft" was more an umbrella term that we coined (back in 2011, when we started this blog) for what SCT was doing. In some ways, the two terms became synonymous for us, but it turns out, American Folkloric Witchcraft has taken on a life and meaning of its own in the decade since we first started using the phrase. (How freaking cool is that?! ... And also: a decade? Dang.)

At the time of this writing, Natalie is working fairly privately. She founded and led Crossroads Coven for a number of years, and their blog has a few new writings in the AFW corpus worth checking out -- in addition to having re-posted much of the content of this blog. (If she reaches out to me and wants projects/contacts updated here, I will happily do so. However, I'm not going to impinge her privacy by suggesting where you might find her, if she's not broadcasting.)

As for me, I still have the direction of the "home coven" -- Coven Caer Sidhe, and I started a blog for Spiral Castle Trad to continue the work that was begun here -- pulling only from my own writings from this blog, and adding some new. I'll admit: I'm not as far along with the writing as I would like. (So many reasons for that, but it feels self-indulgent to dig into them here, so I'll refrain.) I'm still creating my massive Book of Shadows collection on Etsy. I mentioned the Blade & Broom YouTube above -- which I'm really enjoying! I also maintain a bit of a blog for Blade & Broom (though I'm much more consistent with the videos than I am with the blog, at this point)! I'm working on the Red Thread Academy's Foundation (Year 1) course, which will be available soon, and I'm also nearly finished with the 2nd novel in the Witches' Rune series. I'm also accepting submissions for The Witches' Key to Goetic Familiars -- while I revise and expand my previous work, The Witches' Key to the Legion. (This is to say nothing of my Aphrodite-inspired work, which is ALSO still moving forward, because that's how it is! The Laurelei Black blog is sluggish as cold molasses, as well, but I'm working on a new book based on the cowrie divination system I've developed, and I'm regularly holding space for Her.) Finally, I'm on the verge of launching a Patreon page. (No link for that yet. But visit anytime to see my most current projects and get in touch with me in the ways that interest you.)

So, friends, that's that. I do not anticipate there being any new posts for this blog. Only updates on this post and/or the About page to keep contacts current. If you're looking for content directly related to what we've produced here for so long, come check out what's happening at Spiral Castle Trad -- and let me know what topics you'd like to see covered! 

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