Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Witch Marks, Witch Blood, and the Kuthun

Witch Marks

Some witches are born with a special mark upon them that singles then out as a person gifted with power.  Some traditional variations on this mark include: a specially shaped birthmark, a supernumerary nipple, polydactylism, red hair, extra teeth, and being born with a caul (a portion of the birth sac over the head).

Witch marks are created at certain rites of passage within our tradition.  They consist of a special symbol marked on the body, either astrally or physically, as in a tattoo.  Both the symbol and its placement of the body are significant to our tradition.

Witch Blood

Some witches claim blood lineage from witches who have gone before.  This is known as possessing witch blood.  It is based on a very ancient notion from the book of Enoch that T'Qayin once mixed his seed with that of the daughters of Adam, producing a race of supernaturally gifted beings.  These beings are sometimes referred to as The Watchers.  It is said that this divine spark runs through the veins and sings from the bones of every witch.  Remember that you are made of the same materials as the stars, and that magic lives within you.  Even if you cannot trace your familial lineage to that of a known witch, know that through the forging of the Red Thread, the magical link that this tradition creates between you and the Mighty Dead, you share the blood of T'Qayin.

The Kuthun

Is is told that for a witch to pass from this life into the next, she must pass her power on to another.  This provides incentive for teaching the Craft to others, ensuring that our ways do not die with us.  The Kuthun is a tangible object that links the power of a witch to her descendant. It may be a beloved magical tool, a piece of jewelry or regalia, or a formal document of lineage.


  1. My name is vanessa and I am really interested in learning more about Witch Marks. I was wondering if you could provide me with more types of markings other than the ones described aboce. I have a stork bite that covers the back of my neck and head. It also looks like the water element sign. I also have thick dark wavy red hair. I actually have many different types of shades of natural red hair with natural red highlights.

  2. I don't know if I agree that the "Kuthun" has to be a tangible item to be passed. I do believe that you can pass heritage on with spoken word, energy or deed.

  3. I need to find a group of witches that wont be so predjudice about blood liniage. Most are wiccan that tell me that one cannot be born a witch and that it takes years of practice in the craft. from the very first day that i was in the craft though i have had all my prayers answered and my magic works the first time around. I really want to know whats going on.

  4. I know i sound kind of weird, but i o remember reading that back in the old days, the most powerful and true witches were of blood liniage. I sound like i am trying to be special i know, but that is not at all where i am getting at. How can one be like the witches of old again. I have so many questions about the craft. Its not about a "self journey" and "reasearch" any more. I do belive in the spirits out there and i am through with the new world idea of the craft.

    1. I am at least 3 rd generation. My father's grandmother, his mother, aunts, myself. He doesn't speak much of it but encourages my learning. Knows as I always have, my place and gifts in this world. I have practiced without outside knowledge and continue to grow on my own before knowing what I was doing. So yes, I believe in lineage, known or not. It is our path we have already set before us. I embrace it amd thank God and Goddess everyday for tje gofts I have.

    2. Although, I do wish I had someone to help me along the way. I never really had the chance to learn from my family. It really is hard on your own. A lot of lessons learned that could have possibly been avoided. But, I will pass those down myself. We cannot let what is within us die. It won't. Destiny will prevail. Might as well pass down truth.

  5. Genesis, IMHO, there is no substitute for dedicated study with a knowledgeable elder witch or coven.

    Think of being "of the blood" like having a Gods-given knack for any of the arts. You may play an instrument very well without any formal training. You may even become a respected and famous musician. However, genuine study with another talented musician or a conservatory can only assist in your growth and proficiency.

    So it is with Our Craft. The Arte Magical is truly an art like any other. Even if you are of the blood and can trace your lineage back for generations; even if your magic has worked perfectly from your very first attempt at spellwork; even if the Gods whisper truths to you, you still can only benefit from study.

  6. I also am curious regarding lineage. I also believe I have such a specific mark. I know my grandmother maternal claimed christian, had visions of future tragic events, saw people, fireballs hail from the heavens and disappear on hee lawn, etc. I do know as far back as 4 grandmother's all maternal we were from a Cherokee Indian princess. My family doesn't support any of my questions.

  7. Hi I have a very interesting mark in my leg is three letters mark along with my veins they change into a deep color purple.... Had omen's come to me and my mom and say that I will do good and bad... idk what is that supposed to mean. All I know is that my Dad's mom practice some black magic. I never seen any one else with a birthmark like mine. I am trying to seek for some answers.

  8. Just a brief question...
    Why spell it T'Qayin? not see that spelling before

  9. My family is not practicing but there are inherent gifts. I have made alot of strides in my development but would love to have a coven or teacher to help me.


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