Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Witchy Blogs of Note

In days past it was difficult to find good resources on Traditional Witchcraft. Aside from the work of Andrew Chumbley, Nigel Jackson, and (of course) Robert Cochrane very few had written anything about their path.  Those that had (Chumbley for example) were nearly impossible to get your hands on.

We are now in an age when many of us have deigned to come out from the shadows and are sharing our practices with others. For some of us we have felt called by our Gods to share this information, others see it as a kind of kuthun -- a way to pass on the knowledge so it will not be lost after we are gone.  Still others look at what Neo-Wicca has done to our faith and cry "ENOUGH!"  We are sick in our souls of the watering down and selling-out of the Craft and demand a return to more traditional ideas and practices.

If you are looking for how the old Craft lives on today you would do well to visit and join these blogs.

Alchemist's Garden, The ~ one of the best online resources for learning about our plant friends and how they are used by those who walk the hedge.  Plant familiar magic has become rather faddish as of late. This blog is the idea antidote.

Art of Conjure and Hoodoo ~ witches cast spells, do they not?  You would be hard pressed to find a more vibrant spellcrafting community than that of Hoodoo. This is excellent advice on spellcraft and spell components. Do you know what a coon dong is used for?

Classic Witchcraft ~ a new blog by a very dear friend and teacher in the Craft.  I can assure you that "PJB" will be writing about provocative nitty-gritty Craft.

New World Witchery ~ part blog, part podcast, these delightful witches are doing work very similar to what we are doing here.  They are interested in the American expression of Trad Craft.

Tracks in the Witchwood ~ this is Robin Artisson's blog.  Yes, yes, we know.  Have you actually read his books?  They are a wellspring of Traditional Craft.  His blog is on occasion as well.

Walking the Hedge ~ Juniper found us before we found her, but we are so glad that she did.  This is real hedgecraft, not the domesticated kitchen-witchery that tries to pass itself off as hedgewalking.

Wild Hunt, The ~ this is not a trad-specific blog, rather it it a news service provided by one extraordinary witch, Jason Pitzl-Waters, who documents news of note to witches and Pagans throughout the world.

Witch of Forest Grove, The ~ it look like we've saved the best for last. Sarah Lawless is everything you ever thought a witch was when you were young and believed in such things with your whole heart.  That's a bit effusive, but I'm quite an admirer of her work.  She's an artist, a plant-worker, and a hedge-rider with a Scottish flare. She lives in the Pacific Northwest in a temperate rain forest.


  1. This looks like fun--thanks! I'd appreciate you taking a look at my blog and/or website. and I practice traditional Southern Appalachian rootwork.

  2. I absolutely agree with you on how pop culture Neo-"Wicca" (which isn't Wicca at all, without the training and initiation) has more or less gutted the Craft in an attempt to make it bland and palatable to the masses. I am very pleased there is increasing interest in Old Craft, and that there are people who are unapologetic about being Witches, and who don't try to whitewash their practices in an attempt to placate the masses.


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