Monday, February 6, 2012

Pendulum Dowsing

Divination is one of the traditional arts of a witch, and one of the simplest forms of divination is dowsing through the use of a pendulum.  Pendulums can be purchased, or easily made.  Any weight suspended from a chain or string can work as a pendulum in a pinch. Pendant style necklaces work well.  I've also had success with a key suspended from a rubber band at the office!  Of course, using a tool that you love and that speaks to your unconscious mind will improve your overall results.  Any vehicle may get you to your destination, but many people still prefer luxury automobiles.

After you have selected your pendulum you will want to perform a simple exercise to attune your mind to the pendulum.  Keep in mind that it is not any special metaphysical force that moves the pendulum, rather it is the small unconscious muscle movements of your hand.  The "magic" behind the pendulum is that your unconscious mind is already attuned to the true outcome or answer to your questions.

To use the pendulum let the weight swing freely from your fingers as shown in the photo.  Concentrate on the pendulum being very still.  Then ask the pendulum to "Show me YES".  Focus the thought of YES at the weight of the pendulum.  The pendulum will begin to swing.  Wait until the swinging takes on a regular pattern, such as side-to-side, forward-and-back, clockwise, or counterclockwise.  This is your signal for yes.  Now still the pendulum.  Ask the pendulum to "Show me NO".  Again, send the thought of NO strongly to the weight of the pendulum.  Wait for the pendulum to swing in a regular pattern, this time different from the pattern shown as "yes".  You now have charged your pendulum and your mind to receive yes and no answers through the pendulum.

For more detailed questions you may want to make use of a dowsing board, such as the one shown below.  To dowse, suspend the pendulum over the point of the chart where the rays meet at the bottom.  Ask the pendulum to be still.  Then concentrate on your question, stating it aloud.  Follow the movements of the pendulum to receive your message.  It may be helpful to have someone record the results of the dowsing while another person uses the pendulum and asks the questions.  If you have poor results with the board initially, do not be discouraged.  With time and practice your skills using the board will improve.
You can also use pendulums to dowse for water or lost objects through the use of a map as the dowsing board.  To find a lost object draw a rough map of your home, or the location where you think you lost the item. Divide the map into sections like a tic-tac-toe board. Focus on the item while moving the pendulum from one area to another.  The pendulum will react strongly in the location of the lost item.

Pendulums are sometimes used to dowse in people's energy fields for blockages.  Pendulums can be charged to react strongly (a YES response) to open chakras and other energy centers, and to produce a NO response when encountering a blockage or negative energy.  This can be helpful when doing group healing work, as everyone present can "see" the areas affected, rather than relying on touch.

These are only a few common techniques for pendulum dowsing.  The uses for a pendulum are limited only by your imagination.  Pendulums are not only one of the easiest forms of divination to learn, they can be improvised in many situations with common objects.  Thus, using a pendulum can be a basic and essential practice for your bag of tricks.

If you want to buy a pendulum, we have several handmade varieties available in our online Botanica.  Also, most occult retailers offer pendulums at reasonable prices.


  1. Interesting post, reminded me of the work I used to do with my pendulum. While I had some good results I wasn't completely in sync with the practice. I haven't tried using my pendulum in a while but your post has inspired to give it another shot. On another note, I hopped over to your website and found that lovely peach moonstone pendulum. I've eyed it several times now...

  2. I love pendulum dowsing and divination. I've even written an article about it: But I've always wanted to know - isn't pendulum dowsing and divination the same thing?


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