Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Song of Amergin

From the breeze on the mountain
To the lake of deep blue
From the waterfall down to the sea
Never changing or ending on the voice of the wind
Sing now the riddle of Erenn to me

I am the wind that breathes on the sea
I am the wave, that roars on the ocean
I am the stag, seven points are my glory
I am the hawk of victory in motion

I am the tomb, so cold in the darkness
I am the ray, bright eye of the Sun
I am a tree, straight, strong and peerless
I am a star, I am the One

I am a wonder, a wonder in flower
I am the spear as it cries out for blood
I am the word, the word of great power
And thrice times have I visited Caer Arianhrod

I am the song of the blackbird in mourning
I am the depths of a sacred pool
I am a boar's tusk flashed out in warning
I am the salmon, yet also the fool

Who but I can cast light upon the meeting of the mountains?
Who but I am a lure beyond the ends of the earth?
Who but I will cry aloud the changes of the moon?
Who but I can find the place of death and rebirth?

~Adapted from the original version by Glaux

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