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A poppet is a specially prepared doll for magic.  The concept behind a poppet is that symbols can serve as magical substitutes for actual things.  The doll can be made of wax, clay, fabric or some other material. The image of the poppet has been popularized as a “voodoo doll” in modern culture, but the use of poppets in folk magic throughout the world is ancient.  The image to the right is of a clay dolly found in Egypt, bound and pierced with 13 pins.  It is now displayed in the Louvre. 

To make a cloth poppet you will first need to identify your intent for the figure.  You will want fabric in a color that symbolizes your intent, for example green for wealth.  Trace the figure below onto cardstock and cut it out to use as your pattern.  Cut two figures from your cloth to sew together.  Place the two fabric cutouts right-side facing inward stacked together.  Stitch all the way around the poppet about a quarter-inch inside the edge of the fabric. Be sure to leave the top portion of the “head” un-sewn so that you can stuff the poppet after its edges are sewn.

Turn the poppet right-side out through the unsewn portion of the head after the edges are sewn together.  Use embroidery floss or a permanent marker to create any distinguishing features of the person you are wanting the poppet to resemble.  You may choose to paste a photo of the person on the “face” of the poppet, or just write their name across the chest.

It is now time to stuff the poppet.  You will want to gather any herbs, small gemstones, or other spell components that you have that will be associated with the work you wish to accomplish.  For example rose petals and jasmine flowers for love.  Consult a book of correspondences to assist you.  Stuff the poppet with these components and with cotton balls or polyfill batting.  You may need to use a chopstick or pencil to push the filling into the arms and legs. When the poppet is filled to your liking stitch up the head.

Now take khernips (saltwater into which burning incense has been extinguished) or the leavings of the housle meal in a ritual setting and baptize the poppet with your left hand saying:

“In my hand I hold this poppet of my own making. I baptize and name it [NAME] that it will be like him/her in every way.  As he/she lives, so does this poppet live.  All that I do to it I do to [NAME].  This is my Word.  This is my Will.  So Mote It Be!”

You may now perform conjurations on the poppet that will in turn work upon the person you have fashioned it after.

Poppet Template.
Click for larger version.

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  1. Boy someone hated that woman in that old Egyptian poppet, perhaps from Roman times, especially how she is kneeling in a bound position. I have used poppets and links but like to put them in a jar in the freezer to stop them by freezing them in their steps so to speak if they are gossiping or such. Thanks for the instructions here.


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