Saturday, October 22, 2011

Requirements for Admission

After years of working this path, tweaking it, living with it, and loving it, we have decided to open ourselves up to those who would like to walk the crooked path with us locally (within the South-Central Indiana area).  Here, then, are our requirements for admission.

Greening – green cord
  • For children of the family at the age of reason, and for potential new members to the coven.
  • Creates an informal bond between teacher and student.
  • Before Greening the student should :
    • formally request to join the coven
    • obtain a binder for handouts and personal research notes
    • obtain a flash drive
  • During Greening the student should:
    • learn to raise, form, move, and ground energy
    • create or obtain a stone bowl
    • begin their personal crane bag
    • choose a coven symbol
    • begin a personal home altar
    • attend at least 2 rituals (Sabbats or Esbats)
    • obtain a ritual robe (either white or black, depending on the time of year)
  • Greening lasts through a 6 – 12 month period, or until the age of puberty.

Adoption – red cord, bone ring
  • For children of the family at the age of puberty, and for formally joining members to the coven.
  • Creates a formal bond – the Red Thread – between the student and all members of the coven.
  • During Adoption the student should:
    • Memorize the year wheel
    • Obtain the three knives
    • Read:
    • Read two of the following:
      • Masks of Misrule, Call of the Horned Piper, & Pillars of Tubal Cain by Nigel Jackson
      • Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson
      • The Witches’ Bible by the Farrars
      • Sacred Mask, Sacred Dance by Evan John Jones
      • The Roebuck in the Thicket by Robert Cochrane and EJ Jones
      • Witchcraft: A Tradition Renewed by Valiente and Jones
      • The Triumph of the Moon by Ronald Hutton
      • The Witching Way of Hollow Hill by Robin Artisson
    • Perform a link cutting
    • Write a statement of personal ethics
    • obtain an ancestor skull
    • create a staff
    • obtain a cauldron
    • make an incense
    • make and amulet and talisman
    • make a scrying mirror
    • design and make a Witches’ Glove
    • become proficient in three forms of divination
    • create a totemic fetch
    • acquire a familiar (plant, animal, or spirit)
    • perform contact and possession with a Deity
    • lead a ritual
    • complete red cord checklist
  • Adoption lasts a minimum of a year and a day, or until the age of majority.

Raising – red/white/black cord, witches mark
  • For children of the family at the age of majority, and for naming the student as a witch.
  • Marks the student as a fully-fledged witch.
  • During Raising the witch should:
    • obtain tools, weapons, and other paraphernalia related to the compass
    • read and study as suits their interest


  1. As an avid follower of your blog, which I have come to view as one of the best Craft blogs online, I am really glad to see you taking your work to the next level and teaching others formally. Have you considered making the entire corpus of teaching in your tradition available to interested people who are incapable of working with you? For example, a step-by-step guide to the greening process with detailed instructions on working with energy, how to perform sabbats and esbats if you are not in a coven, etc.

    An extraordinary blog.

  2. Ian,

    Your kind words warm the cockles of my heart. :) We are, in fact, working on making all of our teaching materials available here through this blog. Eventually we even have aspirations in the direction of a book concerning our tradition.

    Thank you so much for your support,
    Natalie (Glaux)

  3. Thank you so much, Ian. =) You know, you're question is very timely. I'm working on a post right now (and by "working" I mean that it's brewing in my head) titled "Admission: The Way In." Sure, it will cover the way to go about seeking admission if you live close to us, but we're also aware that what we're doing has some appeal to folks further afield. What to do then? Wait for a completed book in a "someday" world? We hope not. We *want* to give you access to what we're doing, and we're trying to figure out how best to do that from a distance.

    Truthfully, this path is very, very experiential. Robin Artisson's excellent posts ("Forgetting Human") are spot-on regarding the tricky nature of words. They are, indeed, a dual-edged sword -- helping us to communicate and idea, but distancing us from the thing we are communicating. Part of our challenge is to point to authentic experience through symbol and word.

    Thank you for your well-timed nudge and for your shining compliment of this work. More to come on this topic soon.



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